• Hit Fitness Dumbbell & Bench Pack
  • Hit Fitness Dumbbell & Bench Pack

Hit Fitness Dumbbell & Bench Pack

The Hit Fitness Dumbbell & Bench Pack is a perfect starter for a home. This pack allows is perfect for home workouts and will allow you to train as you do in a gym.

What's included:

  • Home bench
  • 2 sets of dumbbells (7.5kgs and 10kgs)

The HIT Fitness home weight bench is our entry-level bench. This bench allows you to lay flat, incline and upright. It has 6 adjustment positions and has durable upholstery. Product weight is only 12kg allowing you to move it with ease while also being strong construction and being able to hold up to 150kg.

The Hit Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells are a versatile classic tool to help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals. You can use these dumbbells for any dumbbell exercise and even more because of the Hexagonal shape. They come in pairs. This pack gives you 2x 7.5kg and 2x 10kg dumbbells

This pack has been put together to allow you to bring the gym essentials home with you to base your workout off.

Exercises include: Chest press, incline press, shoulder press, seated lateral raise, single-arm rows, kickbacks, dips, curls and many more!