• Hit Fitness Dumbbell Rack 15 Pair | 3 Tier
  • Hit Fitness Dumbbell Rack 15 Pair | 3 Tier

Hit Fitness Dumbbell Rack 15 Pair | 3 Tier

This HIT Fitness Three Layer Dumbbell Rack offers secure and safe storage options for up to 15 pairs of dumbbells. It is a heavy-duty three tier design that has been built to commercial standard offering excellent stability and durability. It also has plastic dumbbell rests to prevent damage to your round-headed dumbbells, however these plastic dumbbell rests can be removed to store hex dumbbells.


  • The HIT Fitness three tier dumbbell rack can hold up to 15 pairs of dumbbells at any given time.
  • This dumbbell rack is perfect for commercial and studio gym daily use. It is also suitable for home gym use.
  • The plastic round-head dumbbell holders can be safely removed so that hex dumbbells can also be stored as well as regular round-headed dumbbells.
  • The design of the dumbbell rack grooves reduces dumbbell movements whilst the weights are re-racked and also minimizes the risk of injuries as dumbbells will not come loose or move.
  • Durable, high quality, and safe storage unit.
  • Durable plastic dumbbell rests protects dumbbells from damage.
  • The three tier dumbbell rack design allows for a significant amount of gym floor space to be saved. 
  • The plastic dumbbell rests ensures that the dumbbells are sitting at the safest angle for taking the dumbbells on and off of the rack.    
  • This dumbbell rack will ensure that your dumbbells are well organised, protected, and safe to use. 
  • Heavy-duty three tier design offers excellent stability.
  • Note: Rack only stores dumbbells up to 20kg.


  • 15 Pair Three Layer Dumbbell Rack.
  • Heavy-duty three tier design
  • For commercial, studio, or home gym use
  • Colour: Black
  • Capacity: 15 pairs of dumbbells
  • Only stores dumbbells up to 20kg
  • Product Dimensions: 237 x 73 x 100 cm

Fitness Tip:

  • HIT Fitness Dumbbells can be used to perform a large variety of gym workouts which utilise traditional barbell and free weight movements such as single arm rows, seated shoulder press, and bench press. 
  • Furthermore, using dumbbells as opposed to barbells can add an extra level of difficulty to the exercises as the weight must be controlled to a higher degree during dumbbell movements which activates the body’s stabilizing musculature. This in turn can result in increased hypertrophy and strength gains in the aforementioned musculature as a result of the increased development and strengthening of stability muscles.
  • HIT Fitness Dumbbells can also be used to correct muscle imbalances in which one side of the body is more developed or stronger than the other. For example, bicep curls performed with dumbbells ensures that both biceps are developed equally and one bicep is not compensating for the other which often occurs when using straight barbells in which both arms are not working independently.