• Hit Fitness Home Gym Advanced Pack | 120kg
  • Hit Fitness Home Gym Advanced Pack | 120kg

Hit Fitness Home Gym Advanced Pack | 120kg

Here we have the Premium Home Gym Pack. Our second biggest option in our list of Gym Packs.
First, let’s start with the rack. The Commercial Half Rack is as good as they come. Built to commercial standard and perfectly fits everything that comes with the pack.
The bench included is a semi-commercial standard bench spanning flat and incline with 5 different angles.
Included in this pack is the 7foot Olympic bar. A perfect bar for all rack exercises.
For the weight plates, we have included Black Bumper plates. These plates give you a much wider scope for exercises including deadlifts, jerks and more that regular plates wouldn’t hold up against. We have included 2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg and 2 x 20kg giving a total bar weight as 120kg.
Clamps included are standard size Hit Fitness Clamp Collars. These are easy removed and extremely stable when set.
Also included in this pack is a bar Neck Pad for comfort when using the bar for squats.
Finally, we have Rubber Floor Tiles to hold it all. These tiles are perfect to lay under a rack. It is gripped for exercises and absorbs the shock of plates dropping.

This pack is well rounded for all standard rack exercises and functional training.

Exercises include:
Chest Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press, Squat, Deadlift, Jerks, Rack Pulls, Pull Ups and many more!


  • Commercial Half Rack
  • Stable build
  • Adjustable Spotter Bars
  • Pull Up and Chin Up Bars
  • Plate Storage
  • 8 highly durable Bumper Plates Ranging from 5kg - 20kg
  • Spring collars and Clamp collars
  • Semi Commercial Bench -5 adjustable positions
  • Olympic Bars-Standard width, 7 foot in length
  • 4 x rubber floor tiles-Durable and gripped tiles
  • Neck pads for comfort