• Hit Fitness J Hooks | Pair
  • Hit Fitness J Hooks | Pair

Hit Fitness J Hooks | Pair

HIT FITNESS J hooks are power rack attachments which insert into the power rack at various height levels to safely hold a barbell in place.


  • Increases barbell stability and safety when unracking and racking the barbell.
  • Protects both the barbell and power rack from damage inflicted during unracking and racking of the barbell.
  • Easy to adjust to match height requirements
  • Suitable for commercial and home gym usage.
  • They reduce the movement of the barbell whilst it is racked which makes loading and unloading weights from the barbell easier and quicker.


  • Adjustable J Hooks
  • Colour: Black
  • Sold in pairs
  • Suitable attachment for any HIT FITNESS power rack

Fitness tip:

  • J hooks are primarily used when racking and unracking barbells whilst performing movements such as the overhead press, squat, and bench press.