• Hit Fitness Mobility & Conditioning Bodyweight Pack
  • Hit Fitness Mobility & Conditioning Bodyweight Pack

Hit Fitness Mobility & Conditioning Bodyweight Pack

The Hit Fitness Mobility & Conditioning Bodyweight Pack is a brilliant gift for the fitness enthusiast to use from home. Including a foam roller, chin-up bar, core sliders and ab wheel, this pack allows you to train using your own body weight.
Improve your mobility and recovery with the HIT FITNESS foam roller. This roller is specifically designed with lumps to get into your muscles and aid recovery and movement.

The HIT Fitness Pull Up Bar is constructed for home use. It easily wedges in a doorframe and is stable with grip on either side that does not mark the doorframe. The bar comes equipped with non-slip foam grips and the height of the bar can easily be adjusted to suit each user.

HIT FITNESS Premium Core Sliders are disks that you place under your feet that slide across floors seamlessly. They can be used for many ab exercises along with upper leg exercises

HIT FITNESS Ab Wheel Pro is made to increase the strength of your core and upper body while burning calories. They ensure the full range of abs are working while in use and people of any level can use them, although they are not easy.

This pack has been put together to allow a beginner-intermediate fitness enthusiast to achieve their fitness goals at home.
Exercises include:

Role any muscle, pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, knee tuck, mountain climbers, reverse tuck, skater, lunge, sliding push up, V Rollouts, knee tucks and more!