• Hit Fitness Sissy Squat
  • Hit Fitness Sissy Squat
  • Hit Fitness Sissy Squat
  • Hit Fitness Sissy Squat

Hit Fitness Sissy Squat

The HIT Fitness Sissy Squat is a squatting bench that is designed to isolate the quad and glute muscles. Athletes are held in place by foot rollers and a contoured pad that is adjustable for different tibia lengths. The frame is all welded from three-inch square tubing, and the adjustment surfaces are chrome-plated for scratch resistance.


  • Takes up very little gym floor space.
  • Adjustable calf pads.
  • Metal Non-Slip Footplate and Metal End Caps
  • Non-skid footplate.
  • Quick Release Pop Pin.
  • Rip-Resistant Covers.
  • High-density foam for comfort.
  • Reduces stress on the knees.
  • Perfect for isolating and activating the quad and gluteal musculature.


  • Sissy Squat
  • Dimensions: 94cm (L) X 65cm (W) X 53cm (H)
  • Gym Floor Space Foot Print: 94 (L) X 65 (W) (cm)
  • Product Weight: 21kg

Fitness Tip:

  • The HIT Fitness Sissy Squat is perfect for building and strengthening the quad and gluteal musculature whilst reducing the strain placed on the knees that commonly occurs from regular squats.
  • In order to use the Sissy Squat machine, stand with your feet placed on the footplate with your calves secure against the pad.  Initiate the squat with your arms folded or hold a weight while you are squatting to increase the level of resistance. 

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