• Hit Fitness Landmine Unit

Hit Fitness Landmine Unit

The HIT Fitness landmine is a sleeve attachment for barbells, which is weighted or attached to the ground for stability purposes.


  • Extra heavy base for stability
  • The landmine joint provides free movement in all directions
  • Very stable base for performing barbell landmine exercises using a full range of motion
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The HIT Fitness landmine is a versatile, multi-directional joint that utilizes barbells to perform rotational exercises that improve core strength, stability, rotational strength, as well as full-body mobility. This attachment is anchored to the ground, allowing the user to common landmine exercises include landmine presses, rows, push presses, push jerks, deadlifts cleans, and standing barbell Russian twists. These exercises are perfect for targeting the shoulders, glutes, and posterior chain musculature as well as the quadriceps, abdominals, chest, back, and arms. Therefore, one can easily perform a full-body workout using the HIT Fitness landmine. The HIT Fitness landmine is suitable for 2” or Olympic sized barbells.

  • Dimensions:  73.6 x 40.5 x 18.5 cm

  • Materials:  1cm thick Steel

  • Product Weight:  22kg

  • Collar Opening:  52mm

  • Colour:  Black, powder coated

  • Gym Footprint:  48 x 40.5 cm

  • Landmine Length:  30.4 cm

  • Weight Capacity:  250kg