About us

Our exciting new range of strength and conditioning equipment contains an extensive range of fitness tools and accessories suitable for home or commercial gym use. There is everything from kettlebells to bumper plates, resistance bands to foam rollers.

Hit Fitness is the high quality, affordable range of fitness equipment that is guaranteed to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

We have built a strong reputation as a reliable, hard-working brand that you can trust to assist you on your journey regardless of what fitness level you may consider yourself to currently be at.

We always listen to our customers and do our best to meet their needs by ensuring every product that we manufacture is of the same quality standard and will satisfy their desires.

The entire range takes in to account every aspect of your training needs, whether your goal is to increase strength, focus on toning or conditioning, improve functionality, or help aid your recovery.

Our promise for the future is to continue to strive towards meeting the needs and desires of our customers by proactively seeking to add new and exciting products to our existing range going forward.


Aim for the stars!