• Hit Fitness Ab Wheel Pro

Hit Fitness Ab Wheel Pro

  • €7.95
  • €10.95

The HIT Fitness abdominal slide wheel is a basic training tool but it delivers significant results. Ab wheels are known for providing an optimal stimulus to the abs by putting the abdominal musculature in a completely lengthened position, thus ensuring that the abdominal muscles are moved through a full range of motion and experience a complete contraction during each repetition.


  • Manufactured with premium materials
  • Moves abdominal muscles through a full range of motion
  • Can be used during high impact exercise movements
  • Unique HIT Fitness design
  • Very portable
  • Extremely durable piece of equipment

Whether you decide to read the academic literature or ask anyone about their anecdotal experience from using an ab wheel, you will quickly learn that an ab wheel will drastically improve the composition and strength of your core. Like all other HIT Fitness products, this ab wheel has been manufactured in conjunction with the best available materials and design. Therefore, we can guarantee that your core training will benefit from the use of this piece of premium core training equipment. The HIT Fitness ab wheel is also light and easily transportable which means that you can perform an ab workout wherever you decide to go.

  • Material used:  ABS Plastic & Foam

  • Colour:  Red & Black

  • Handle length:  25.2 cm

  • Handle ridged for increased grip