• Hit Fitness Adjustable Squat Rack | Essential

Hit Fitness Adjustable Squat Rack | Essential

  • €182.50
  • €365.00

Introduction to the HIT Fitness Adjustable Squat Rack with Spotter Arms.

The HIT Fitness adjustable squat rack with spotter arms offers a practical solution for athletes seeking the benefits of both a traditional squat rack and a power rack.

It provides the stability and support necessary for safely pushing one's limits during intense workouts. The inclusion of spotter arms further enhances safety by providing an extra layer of protection during heavy lifts,.

It is the ideal choice for both commercial and home gyms, as it requires minimal floor space while being easy to assemble and relocate as needed.


  • Very little gym floor space footprint
  • Cost-effective option
  • All major compound movements can be performed using this rack
  • Comes equipped with spotter arms
  • Very high maximum weight capacity
  • Rubber feet which improve floor stability whilst also protecting the gym flooring
  • Perfect for performing squats, rack pulls, and overhead presses
  • Adjustable
  • Dimensions:  Front:  90 x 68 – 108 cm (L x W).  Front Height:  63 – 93 cm.  Back Height:  103.5 – 163.5 cm
  • Materials:  Steel
  • Gym Footprint:  90 x 68 cm – 90 x 108 cm
  • Colour:  Black, powder coated
  • Max Weight Load:  150kg
  • Product Weight:  35kg
  • Rubber Feet
  • Distance between notches:  50mm