• Hit Fitness Hammertone Dumbbell Kit | 20kg
  • Hit Fitness Hammertone Dumbbell Kit | 20kg
  • Hit Fitness Hammertone Dumbbell Kit | 20kg

Hit Fitness Hammertone Dumbbell Kit | 20kg

Introducing the HIT Fitness Hammertone Dumbbell Kit.

Whether you're a gym owner seeking a space-efficient solution or an individual looking for a diverse range of dumbbell weights. What sets the HIT Fitness Hammertone Dumbbell Kit apart is its ability to provide athletes with precise weight increments, crucial for effective progressive overload and targeted muscle development.

These dumbbells feature a user-friendly loading mechanism that allows for quick and effortless weight changes between exercise sets. The inclusion of spinlock collars further enhances safety during workouts, ensuring that the weights remain securely in place.

The pack breakdown includes 0.5kg x 4, 1.25kg x 4, 2.5kg x 4 iron weight plates, along with 4 spinlock collars and 2 gripped dumbbell bars. 
Dumbbell bar length:  35cm


  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Requires very little gym floor space
  • Cost-effective dumbbell alternative
  • Fast loading mechanism
  • Complete dumbbell set
  • Long loadable plate sleeve
  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality dumbbell weight plates with a glossy hammertone finish