• Hit Boxing Hook and Jab Pads
  • Hit Boxing Hook and Jab Pads

Hit Boxing Hook and Jab Pads

The Hit Boxing Premium Hook & Jab Pad is built with high-density impact protection & shock-absorbing foam, and suede technology, providing both fighters and coaches with excellent hand and wrist protection.

Our Premium Pads are equipped with a suede technology fabric, perfect for wiping off a sweaty face, neck, and forehead, mid or post sparring. The Hit Boxing Premium Hook & Jab Pads can be used across an array of combat sports including training for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and box-fit. They’re designed to be used by both sexes and various hand sizes.

Perfect for practicing jabs, strikes & uppercuts whilst working on overall coordination for athletes of all levels & ages. Paired greatly with our Hit Boxing Premium Leather Boxing Gloves, Punch Mitts, or Leather Boxing Gloves. This pad is coated with a technology-foam filling that stands apart from ordinary foam and filling, effectively dispersing the impact of big hits on the hands and wrists.


  • Suede technology
  • Multi-use and versatile
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Maximum shock absorption


  • Suede technology fabric for quick drying mid sparring, quick and effective.
  • Durable lightweight leather that’s easy to maintain and clean. These features will allow the pads to last longer and give you the agility needed for the best training.
  • High-density shock-absorbent foam provides outstanding hand and wrist protection.
  • Superior wrist protection and grip comfortability.
  • Hook and loop straps allow you to achieve an ideal fit no matter your hand size.
  • Unisex fit-for-all design