• Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves
  • Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves

Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves

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Enhance your combat experience with the Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves. Designed for various disciplines including sparring, kickboxing, speedball punching, heavy bag workouts, and grappling, these gloves embody a perfect blend of speed, power, and comfort.

Featuring a suede thumb, these gloves offer a convenient way to wipe off sweat from your face, neck, and forehead during intense training sessions. The reinforced leather construction ensures exceptional durability, reducing wear and tear over time while delivering unparalleled performance.

Intelligent foam padding is strategically incorporated to provide effective hand protection without compromising punching power. By dispersing the force evenly across the glove's surface, it minimizes the impact on your hands.

The wrap-around Velcro closure system not only offers a secure fit but also provides optimal wrist support and a non-slip grip. These gloves are designed to maintain proper wrist alignment, allowing for precise control and stability with every strike. Additionally, the defined anatomical foam construction guides your hand into a natural fist position, maximizing both protection and performance.


  • Suede thumb
  • Unbreakable resiliency
  • Max-shock technology
  • Strong wrist support
  • Knuckle padding


  • Compact glove design allows for superior fist placement and closure, providing the perfect balance of speed and power.
  • Durable, Reinforced leather, ensuring your gloves are in-tact much longer.
  • Suede thumb feature specifically for wiping off sweat.
  • Max-shock padding technology reinforcing hand protection.
  • Wrap around Velcro closure providing maximum wrist support and a non-slip grip.