• Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves
  • Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves

Hit Boxing Premium Leather Gloves

  • €34.95
  • €49.95

Step into the arena, whether you’re sparring, kickboxing, speedball punching, smashing a heavy bag, or grappling dummy, the Hit Boxing premium boxing gloves are a unique combination of speed, power, and comfort, efficiency.

The gloves are equipped with a suede thumb perfect for wiping off a sweaty face, neck, and forehead. Reinforced leather reduces wear and tear significantly while offering unmatched performance. Ideal for boxing, MMA, kickboxing, sparring, and more. Intelligent foam padding protects the hands effectively without conceding punching power, dispersing the force across the surface of the gloves.

Wrap around velcro closure provides comfortable, protective, wrist support, with a non-slip grip. These gloves also support wrist alignment, allowing you to feel extra control behind each strike. Total hand protection with a defined anatomical foam construction that guides your hand into a natural fist position.


  • Suede thumb
  • Unbreakable resiliency
  • Max-shock technology
  • Strong wrist support
  • Knuckle padding


  • Compact glove design allows for superior fist placement and closure, providing the perfect balance of speed and power.
  • Durable, Reinforced leather, ensuring your gloves are in-tact much longer.
  • Suede thumb feature specifically for wiping off sweat.
  • Max-shock padding technology reinforcing hand protection.
  • Wrap around Velcro closure providing maximum wrist support and a non-slip grip.