• Hit Boxing Waterpro Punchbag
  • Hit Boxing Waterpro Punchbag
  • Hit Boxing Waterpro Punchbag
  • Hit Boxing Waterpro Punchbag
  • Hit Boxing Waterpro Punchbag

Hit Boxing Waterpro Punchbag

A perfect punchbag for boxing and all martial arts. Shocks and hits are absorbed and it imitates the real training feeling.

Whether you're training for fitness or performance, this bag will allow you to train hard. The pear-shaped bag is perfect for knees, kicks, and punches. The smooth feel and durable material mean that no matter your level, this bag can absorb the hits. The welded outer makes for durability and no uncomfortable seams to interfere.

You'll need a screwdriver to open and securely close the valve after input of water to ensure air locking. A carabiner and rope allow you to easily hang and adjust the height from the ceiling.

Different size bags available for individual preferences


  • Welded single-unit outer for strength and durability
  • Pear shape for contact points
  • Durable synthetic outside
  • Inner bladder
  • A plastic eye for hanging attachments
  • Durable D-shape carabiner
  • Rope for adjustable height
  • Tight screw valve to input water
  • Nozzle to aid water input
  • Suitable for uppercuts, hooks, jabs, knees, and all kicks
  • Suitable for both recreational and professional use
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


  • Pear-shaped construction
  • D Shape Carabiner
  • Rope Included
  • Air locking valve
  • 2-year warranty
  • Material: Environmentally friendly PU/PVC
  • Colour: Black
  • Size/Weight: 50 x 38 cm | 15 kg | M
  • Size/Weight: 58 x 46 cm | 55 kg | L
  • Size/Weight: 71 x 55 cm | 85 kg | XL