• Hit Fitness Athena Multi Gym | Olympus Range
  • Hit Fitness Athena Multi Gym | Olympus Range

Hit Fitness Athena Multi Gym | Olympus Range

Athena, sister of Ares and the Goddess of Wisdom and War, is the name of this multi-gym. With her main attributes being confidence, practicality, and being a great warrior, it makes sense why this multi-gym took that name. The Athena is practical in its use, you will need confidence in yourself to do many of the workouts, and in the end, it will make you a great warrior.

Like Athena stood out from all the other Gods and Goddesses, so too does the Athena multi-gym. Like its brother Ares, this multi-gym is 175 cm in height, 210 in depth, and 232 in width, showing us that it can compete with the Ares in all aspects.

But what is the difference between the Ares and the Athena multi-gym? Like the Ares multi-gym, you get six different bars to choose from: The Olympic bar, Pull bar, Stick bar, Dip Bar, Low Row Bar and two Bicep Bars. Along with those, you also get the Landmine, J cup, Triceps rope, Chain, and a Locker. It comes with a Footrest and Safety Support Arms.

The only thing the Athena doesn’t have that the Ares does is the weight sets on either side. Does that make it any less? Of course not. It just gives you the option between these sibling multi-gyms if you want to get the multi-gym with or without the weight plates.

The Athena multi-gym can be used at home and in semi and full commercial environments. Getting this multi-gym for your home or commercial setting will have you training like a warrior in no time.


180kg load weight: The Athena multi-gym can easily take on 180kg without issue

Break a sweat: This multi gym will have you working your muscles and breaking a sweat in no time

15 Attachments: No need to give up your favourite workouts. The Athena multi-gym does have it all


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 175 x 210 x 232 cm
  • Carton Dimensions: 220 x 61 x 53 cm
  • Max load weight: 180kg