• Hit Fitness Bumper Plate | Black (Home Use)
  • Hit Fitness Bumper Plate | Black (Home Use)
  • Hit Fitness Bumper Plate | Black (Home Use)
  • Hit Fitness Bumper Plate | Black (Home Use)
  • Hit Fitness Bumper Plate | Black (Home Use)

Hit Fitness Bumper Plate | Black (Home Use)

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Experience the superior quality and performance of HIT FITNESS Bumper Plates. Crafted with 100% rubber, these plates offer outstanding durability and reliability for intensive workouts.

Designed to withstand heavy loads, HIT FITNESS Bumper Plates provide a safe training environment by allowing controlled dropping of weights onto platforms and gym floors. Their high-density rubber construction minimizes bouncing upon impact, reducing noise and preventing damage to flooring.


  • Each bumper plate has been given a unique colour so that the plate’s weight in kilograms can be identified easily by colour.
  • These HIT FITNESS bumper plates are suitable for home gym use.
  • Highly durable, long-lasting, and performance-oriented bumper plates.
  • HIT FITNESS bumper plates have been designed specifically to reduce plate bouncing and barbell recoil during high impact exercises such as overhead presses, deadlifts, and squats.
  • The reinforced centre sleeve, that is characteristic of all HIT FITNESS bumper plates, allows plates to slide onto barbells with ease as it reduces the friction between the barbell and plates. The reinforced centre sleeve also provides protection to the centre of the plate from repeated impact.
  • The Diameter of the plates has been rigorously tested so that the barbell is positioned at the most optimal height off of the ground in order to perform exercises in the most comfortable and biomechanically safe positions.
  • The diameter of all HIT FITNESS bumper plates is uniform regardless of the weight of the plate.
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  • HIT FITNESS range of Home Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates
  • HIT FITNESS bumper plates are made from 100% hard rubber
  • Highly durable and robust rubber
  • Reinforced centre sleeve
  • Noise reduction and bounce reduction technology
  • For use with an Olympic weight bar
  • Plate Widths  450MM
  • Plate Diameter 51MM
  • Diameter of Collar Opening: 2"
  • Suitable For Home Use
  • Available in weights 5kg-20kg -increasing in 5kg increments
  • Available in all black or coloured weight increments
  • Coloured weight increments include grey (5kg), green (10kg), yellow (15kg), and blue (20kg)

Fitness Tip:

  • HIT FITNESS bumper plates are perfect for performing a large number of multi-joint (compound) and single-joint (isolation) movements.
  • Exercises such as deadlifts, barbell rows, and overhead shoulder presses in which plates are continuously dropped from a height will benefit most from the use of these plates.
  • The anti-bounce technology will reduce exercise technique set-up time between exercise repetitions whilst also preventing the bumper plates from sliding off of the barbell during an exercise set as a result of repeated bouncing.