• Hit Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller
  • Hit Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller
  • Hit Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller

Hit Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller

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  • €12.95

Discover the ultimate solution for muscle pain relief with our highly effective Hit Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Foam Roller. Experience targeted tension release exactly where you need it, providing the perfect amount of pressure for optimal results.

Our Deep Tissue Massage Roller is specifically designed to alleviate muscle aches and pains, offering instant relief. With its innovative design and advanced features, this roller allows you to easily and effectively massage your tender muscles, promoting relaxation and reducing discomfort.

By using it prior to exercise, you can effectively release toxins from your muscles, improving circulation and flexibility. This proactive approach not only helps prevent injuries but also enables you to maximize your training potential.
Furthermore, our roller is equally effective when used post-workout. Its soothing properties aid in muscle recovery, promoting faster healing and reducing inflammation.


  • Intuitive tension relief
  • Allows you to push yourself
  • Instant release


  • Trigger point foam roller perfect for Crossfit, strength training, bodybuilding, cycling, and more.
  • Our foam roller is firm and solid but doesn’t hurt or damage the skin.
  • Intelligently designed angles and trigger points for a unique muscle relief experience.
  • Lightweight, portable, high-density foam roll for better performance and ultimate muscle tension release.
  • Ultra-durable for long term professional use.
  • Dimensions (L x W): 33 x 15 cm