• Hit Fitness Dumbbell Kit | 40kg
  • Hit Fitness Dumbbell Kit | 40kg
  • Hit Fitness Dumbbell Kit | 40kg
  • Hit Fitness Dumbbell Kit | 40kg
  • Hit Fitness Dumbbell Kit | 40kg

Hit Fitness Dumbbell Kit | 40kg

Elevate your strength training with the versatile HIT FITNESS Dumbbell Kit. This kit features silver chrome knurled handles and durable steel hammertone plates, providing a secure grip and lasting performance. 


  • All HIT FITNESS dumbbells come with ergonomically designed dumbbell handles. HIT FITNESS dumbbell handles provide a comfortable grip which allows for optimal performance whilst performing exercises.
  • Chrome knurled handles for a secure and comfortable grip. 
  • 40kg Dumbbell Kit
  • Steel Hammertone Plates
  • Secure spin-lock collars.
  • Extremely durable and high quality dumbbells

Fitness Tip:

  • HIT FITNESS Dumbbells can be used to perform a large variety of gym workouts which utilise traditional barbell and free weight movements such as single arm rows, seated shoulder press, and bench press. 
  • Furthermore, using dumbbells as opposed to barbells can add an extra level of difficulty to the exercises as the weight must be controlled to a higher degree during dumbbell movements which activates the body’s stabilizing musculature. This in turn can result in increased hypertrophy and strength gains in the aforementioned musculature as a result of the increased development and strengthening of stability muscles.
  • HIT FITNESS Dumbbells can also be used to correct muscle imbalances in which one side of the body is more developed or stronger than the other. For example, bicep curls performed with dumbbells ensures that both biceps are developed equally and one bicep is not compensating for the other which often occurs when using straight barbells in which both arms are not working independently.