• Hit Fitness EZ Curl Bar

Hit Fitness EZ Curl Bar

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The EZ bar is the perfect fitness tool for anyone looking to build upper body mass, strength and definition. It is a proven favourite of bodybuilders, effectively targeting biceps and triceps. The biomechanically angled dual grips allow for a more upward, natural positioning of palms when curling, easing any wrist or elbow pain that can often be experienced when curling with a typical barbell. The knurled handles ensure a secure grip allowing for maximum control during movements. The freely rotating bar can be fitted with weight plates and spring clips, allowing you to curl up to 150kg.  They are made from solid steel and chrome-cast, making them robust and durable. The bar is 7kg and 3.9ft (47 inches) in length. 


  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Silver chrome plated
  • Lenght: 3.9ft 
  • Weight 7kg 
  • Knurled handles for max grip
  • Max weight capacity 150kg
  • To be used with Olympic Plates

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