• Hit Fitness EZ Curl Bar | Cable Attachment

Hit Fitness EZ Curl Bar | Cable Attachment

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  • €44.95

The HIT FITNESS EZ Curl Bar cable attachment is a curved curl bar cable attachment that is used primarily for performing reverse bicep curls, regular bicep curls, and tricep pushdowns. The curved shape of the bar allows individuals to perform exercise movements with their hands in either a pronated or supinated hand position without putting additional strain on their wrists that often occurs when using a regular straight bar. The EZ Curl Bar attachment can also be used for wide grip and close grip movements.


  • Heavy duty and durable design
  • The ergonomic and thick gripping areas of the bar allows for a comfortable and secure grip whilst also recruiting more muscle fibres due to the additional thickness of the gripping areas on the bar
  • This bar has been designed to attach to a weighted cable machine.
  • Rubber hand grips to stop the bar slipping during exercise movements
  • Perfect for home or commercial gym use


  • EZ Bar Cable Attachment
  • Designed for use with weighted cable machines
  • Compatible with all cable machines

Fitness Tip:

  • The HIT FITNESS EZ Curl Bar Cable Attachment is perfect for performing exercises such as bicep curls, reverse curls, and tricep pushdowns which target the entire arm musculature. 
  • Additionally, movements such as kneeling lat pull downs which target the rear delts, lats, and back musculature, can be performed using this piece of equipment.