• Hit Fitness Gymnastics Ring Set | Wooden

Hit Fitness Gymnastics Ring Set | Wooden

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Enhance your strength and mobility training with the high-quality Hit Fitness Gymnastics Wooden Ring Set.

Built for versatility, these rings are suitable for a range of exercises including Crossfit and Olympic-style movements. From ring dips and muscle-ups to back and front levers, pull-ups, and ring rows, these wooden gym rings provide a challenging platform for advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Performing exercises on rings demands a higher level of balance and coordination compared to traditional bars, making them an ideal choice for those looking to push their limits.

Crafted from durable birch wood, these gym rings provide a reliable and comfortable grip during your workouts. The included black nylon straps, measuring 5 meters in length, ensure secure attachment to a stable surface such as a chin-up bar or ceiling.

With their robust construction and impressive weight capacity of up to 225kg per ring, these wooden gym rings are designed to withstand intense training sessions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they offer a dynamic and challenging fitness experience for athletes of all levels.


  • Wooden Gym Ring Set
  • Set contains 2 rings and strap
  • 5M nylon strap with birch wooden handles
  • Ring diameter 28cm
  • Easily hung around a fixed point such as a chin up bar
  • Suitable for ring dips, muscle-ups, back and front levers, pull-ups, ring rows and more

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