• Hit Fitness Half Power Rack | Commercial
  • Hit Fitness Half Power Rack | Commercial

Hit Fitness Half Power Rack | Commercial

The Hit Fitness Half Power Rack: A versatile and reliable fitness solution for commercial use.

The Hit Fitness Half Power Rack is designed and engineered to provide quality and performance. With its solid construction, this half rack provides a safe and secure area for a variety of exercises, creating an optimal environment for an effective workout.

Versatility is a standout feature of this power rack, allowing for various exercises such as shrugs, squats, chest presses, shoulder presses and more. To expand your workout options and train different muscle groups, you can easily add a weight bench.

The Hit Fitness Half Power Rack was designed with special attention to efficient storage. Equipped with two Olympic bar holders and multiple Olympic plate pins on the back of the rack, you can conveniently organize and access your equipment. The adjustable safety bars and non-slip feet add stability and safety to your workouts.

The integration of a pull-up bar with narrow and wide handles makes this power rack even more versatile. By alternating the handles, you can diversify your exercises and target different muscle groups for a well-rounded and challenging workout.


  • Heavy Commercial Half Rack
  • Heavy Duty 
  • High Quality Design, Superbly Engineered 
  • Solid construction makes for secure and safe workouts
  • Adjustable Spotter Bars & Anti Slip Feet
  • Olympic Plate and Bar storage facilities
  • Great for shrugs, squats, chest, shoulder press & more
  • Comes with Narrow and Wide grip chinning bar
  • Add a weight bench for even more versatility
  • Weight Capacity: 380kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 134.5cm x 164cm x 214cm (L x W x H)
  • Product Weight: 70kg
  • 1 Year Warranty