• Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells | Rubber
  • Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells | Rubber
  • Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells | Rubber

Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells | Rubber

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Introducing Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells, specifically designed with a unique hexagonal shape to prevent rolling during workouts. Their anti-roll effect ensures these dumbbells stay in place, providing stability and eliminating interruptions on the gym floor. With a chrome plated handle for a secure grip and durable rubber coating for noise reduction and protection, these dumbbells are the perfect choice for both home and commercial gym use. Upgrade your training with Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells and experience enhanced stability and convenience for a seamless workout experience.


  • HIT Fitness Hex Dumbbells come equipped with a chrome plated dumbbell handle which is designed to provide the user with a firm and comfortable grip.
  • The highly durable rubber dumbbell coating reduces the noise produced from dropping dumbbells on gym floors whilst also protecting the dumbbell from damage and protecting flooring from the dumbbells themselves.
  • Robust and durable hex dumbbell head.
  • The HIT Fitness hex dumbbell head to dumbbell handle construction optimally secures the dumbbell head and ensures that it will not become loose following repeated abuse.
  • The unique hexagonal dumbbell shape significantly reduces dumbbell rolling in between exercises.


  • Hex dumbbells
  • Black in colour
  • Rubber coated
  • Silver chrome cast dumbbell handle with black rubber dumbbell head
  • Noise reduction and anti-roll technology
  • Handle diameter:
  • Chrome plated dumbbell handle knurling
  • Available in weights 1kg-50kg
  • Sold in pairs
  • Suitable for home gym and commercial gym use

Fitness Tip:

  • Hit Fitness Hex Dumbbells can be used to perform a large variety of gym workouts which utilise traditional barbell and free weight movements such as single arm rows, seated shoulder press, and bench press. Furthermore, using dumbbells as opposed to barbells can add an extra level of difficulty to the exercises as the weight must be controlled to a higher degree during dumbbell movements which activates the body’s stabilizing musculature. This in turn can result in increased hypertrophy and strength gains in the aforementioned musculature as a result of the increased development and strengthening of stability muscles.
  • Hex dumbbells are also a brilliant addition to gym floor based circuit training, such as dumbbell push-ups and dumbbell assisted planks because the hexagonal shape of the dumbbells provides additional stability.

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