• Hit Fitness Interval Timer | One Colour

Hit Fitness Interval Timer | One Colour

Enhance your workout experience with the Hit Fitness Interval Timer Single Colour Interval Timer, a tool that empowers athletes to customize their exercise intervals. It features an AC power supply for reliable performance and effortless installation on walls or surfaces. Additionally, the timer includes a convenient battery-charged remote for easy control. Take control of your training sessions with the HIT FITNESS Single Colour Interval Timer, optimizing your fitness routine.


  • Audible beep noise
  • Preset auto intervals and option to create and program unique  new intervals
  • Sleek design


  • Gym Clock Timer
  • AC power supply
  • Accompanying battery charged remote

Fitness Tip:

  • It is proven that timed and structured exercise work periods and  timed rest or recovery periods allow athletes to attain better and more consistent results whilst also performing their workouts quicker and more efficiently due to strict and controlled rest times.

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