• Hit Fitness Jump Box | Wooden
  • Hit Fitness Jump Box | Wooden
  • Hit Fitness Jump Box | Wooden

Hit Fitness Jump Box | Wooden

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Enhance your training regimen with the durable and versatile HIT FITNESS Wooden Jump Box. Designed to optimize your performance, this sturdy box offers a range of height options, providing you with the flexibility to challenge yourself.

The high-quality construction of our plyometric box ensures exceptional durability and stability, enabling you to execute plyometric movements with confidence. With adjustable height options, this versatile jump box caters to various fitness levels and exercise requirements. The sturdy build and reliable design effectively absorb the impact of each jump or explosive movement, minimizing the risk of potential injuries.


  • Space saving 3-in-1 design.
  • Provides three heights in one box.
  • Powerful and attractive appearance.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Requires very little storage space.
  • Bevelled hand slots.
  • Plyometric block made from a high quality wood making it extremely durable.
  • Absorbs impact and reduces injury risk.
  • Can be used by both the beginner and the advanced athlete.


  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Size: 51cm (20") x 61cm (24") x 75cm (29").
  • Sold Singly
  • Made from high quality wood

Fitness Tip:

Plyometric boxes are primarily used for plyometric training exercises such as box jumps which improve speed, movement patterns, strength, balance, jumping ability, and explosive power. Alternatively, plyometric boxes can be used to correct movement patterns and improve exercise technique. For example, box squats can be performed using plyometric boxes which ensure the individual is squatting to parallel and learning correct squatting technique.