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  • Hit Fitness Lat Low Pulley Attachment for F200

Hit Fitness Lat Low Pulley Attachment for F200

  • €279.95
  • €309.95

This Lat Pull & Low Pulley Row Attachment for the F200 Power Rack takes your squat rack and turns it into a multi gym weight machine.

You can do a lot more with the high pulley and the low pulley options included with this rack. Think triceps extensions, cable crunches for your abs and core, biceps cable curls. The power to unlock your full potential is finally at the tip of your fingers.

This rack attachment comes with the following cable attachments:
1 x Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Cable Attachment
1 x Narrow Grip Cable Attachment

This accessory is suitable to any fitness level. You can adjust the resistance simply by adding or removing weight plates from the loadable sleeves.
With a 150kg weight capacity, this is one of the most robust rack attachments in the market.

Heavy Duty nylon-coated cables and pulleys ensure long-term high-performance usage.

This accessory comes in two versions. Both versions work with Olympic Weight Plates. However, if you also own, non-Olympic Weight Plates (i.e 28mm), then we advise you to get the version with an adapter. Please note that version without an adapter only fits Olympic Plates.

The Lat Pull & Low Pulley Row Attachment only fits the HIT FITNESS F200 Heavy Power Rack.


  • Main frame: 50cm x 50cm x 2.0 mm
  • Net weight: 12 kg
  • Max Weight Load: 150kg
  • Available in two versions: with or without adapter

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