• Hit Fitness Loop Band Pack
  • Hit Fitness Loop Band Pack
  • Hit Fitness Loop Band Pack

Hit Fitness Loop Band Pack

The Hit Fitness Loop Bands, also known as resistance bands, are highly effective tools used for resistance training, enhancing flexibility, and improving mobility.

With their durable and elastic construction, loop bands offer varying levels of resistance to accommodate different fitness levels and exercise intensities. They are widely used in strength training exercises, rehabilitation programs, and athletic training routines. By incorporating loop bands into your workout regimen, you can target specific muscle groups, improve muscular strength and endurance, and enhance overall body stability.


  • HIT FITNESS loop bands are suitable for resistance, flexibility and mobility training.
  • Each loop band is colour coded by level of resistance with the intention of making the level of resistance easy to identify.
  • Very little storage space is required within storage units to store loop bands.
  • HIT FITNESS loop bands are available in four different resistance levels from light to extra strong to cater for all fitness levels.
  • HIT FITNESS loop bands are also portable and light. Therefore, it is easy to transport our loop bands if you desire to workout wherever you go.


  • Loop Bands
  • Made from 100% Latex
  • Available in resistance levels light, medium, strong, and extra strong
  • Available in resistances 0.3mm (yellow), 0.5mm (red), 0.7mm (green), 0.85mm (Blue)
  • All loop bands are 50cm in length

Fitness Tip:

Loop bands are an extremely versatile fitness accessory. They are commonly used for rehabilitation, stretching and mobility purposes. Alternatively, loop bands can alos be used to increase the resistance of a large amount of traditional resistance training exercises. Examples of exercise band exercises include banded front squats, glute bridges, enhanced push-ups, resistance band bench presses, kneeling/reverse crunches, and rowing movements.