• Hit Fitness Resistance Band | 0.3mm | (Light)
  • Hit Fitness Resistance Band | 0.5mm | (Medium
  • Hit Fitness Resistance Band | 0.7mm | (Heavy)
  • Hit Fitness Resistance Band | 0.85mm | (X Heavy)
  • Hit Fitness Loop Bands
  • Hit Fitness Loop Bands

Hit Fitness Loop Bands

Introducing our premium Hit Fitness Loop Bands, a versatile form of resistance bands designed to enhance your resistance, flexibility, and mobility training. These bands are meticulously crafted to provide optimal resistance for a wide range of exercises and movements. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or enhance your overall mobility, our Loop Bands offer a reliable and effective solution. 


  • HIT FITNESS loop bands are suitable for resistance, flexibility and mobility training.
  • Each loop band is colour coded by level of resistance with the intention of making the level of resistance easy to identify.
  • Very little storage space is required within storage units to store loop bands.
  • HIT FITNESS loop bands are available in four different resistance levels from light to extra strong to cater for all fitness levels.
  • HIT FITNESS loop bands are also portable and light. Therefore, it is easy to transport our loop bands if you desire to workout wherever you go.


  • Loop Bands
  • Made from 100% Latex
  • Available in resistance levels light, medium, strong, and extra strong
  • Available in resistances 0.3mm (yellow), 0.5mm (red), 0.7mm (green), 0.85mm (Blue)
  • All loop bands are 50cm in length

Fitness Tip:

  • Loop bands are an extremely versatile fitness accessory. They are commonly used for rehabilitation, stretching and mobility purposes. Alternatively, loop bands can alos be used to increase the resistance of a large amount of traditional resistance training exercises. Examples of exercise band exercises include banded front squats, glute bridges, enhanced push-ups, resistance band bench presses, kneeling/reverse crunches, and rowing movements.

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