• Hit Fitness Power Bands
  • Hit Fitness Power Bands
  • Hit Fitness Power Bands
  • Hit Fitness Power Bands
  • Hit Fitness Power Bands
  • Hit Fitness Power Bands

Hit Fitness Power Bands

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Introducing the Hit Fitness Power Bands. These versatile bands are specifically designed to increase resistance and intensity so you can maximize the effectiveness of exercises like squats and deadlifts. With their wide range of applications, power bands are the first choice for strength and power training, speed and agility training, plyometric exercises and improving flexibility and joint mobility. Athletes use powerbands to strengthen movements with their own body weight, increase their speed and improve their results in speed tests.


  • Each of the power bands are colour coded in accordance with their level of resistance with the intention of making each band’s resistance level easily identifiable by the user.
  • Power bands can be used on their own or attached to other equipment.
  • HIT FITNESS power bands are available in different strengths for different levels of fitness.
  • HIT FITNESS power bands are highly durable and robust


  • Power bands
  • Made from 100% seamless latex and will stretch safely.
  • The Thickness of the band determines strength of resistance.
  • HIT FITNESS power bands are available in resistance levels 13mm (red), 21mm (black), 32mm (purple), 45mm (green), 64mm (blue), 83mm (orange)
  • Can be used in conjunction with the majority of exercise equipment as well as Olympic, Hex and EZ Bars.

Fitness Tip:

  • HIT FITNESS power bands can be added to any form of training programme to increase the resistance of exercises. Exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, deadlifts or bench presses benefit significantly from the use of power bands
  • Individuals should begin by using the red Power Band as it provides the lowest level of resistance but the most support. The variety HIT FITNESS resistance band options provide athletes with the opportunity to progress and regress as required through different levels of resistance.
  • Power Bands can also be used as a form of support when performing bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and dips.

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