• Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard
  • Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard
  • Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard
  • Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard
  • Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard
  • Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard

Hit Fitness Power Rack F100 | Standard

  • €549.00

Introducing the Power Rack F100 by Hit Fitness. This Power Rack is designed with convenience and functionality in mind and is an ideal addition to your home fitness setup.

The Power Rack is easy to assemble, ensuring a smooth setup process in any home environment.
With the Hit Fitness Power Rack, you unlock a wide range of resistance exercises that can target various muscle groups. From shrugs to squats, chest presses to shoulder presses, chin-ups to pull-ups, and deadlifts to lunges, this power rack provides versatility to support your full-body workout routine. No matter your fitness goals, the Hit Fitness Power Rack offers the flexibility to engage in a multitude of exercises for a well-rounded training regimen.

Constructed with durability and strength in mind, the Power Rack is built to withstand rigorous workouts. Its sturdy design ensures stability and safety, allowing you to focus on your exercises with confidence.
Please Note: Only 7ft Olympic Bars Can Be Used With All Power Racks.


  • Strong and durable frame.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Comes with Narrow and Wide grip pull up bar options.
  • Comes with adjustable safety bars and two adjustable bar catches.
  • Built with biomechanics, ergonomics, durability, and safety in mind to help individuals  achieve their goals.
  • The pull up bar come equipped with rubber grips to improve performance and grip.
  •  Multiple holes are provided to ensure the spotter catchers and and safety bars can be set at a variety of heights to suit the individual.


  • Standard Power Rack
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 227Kg
  • Suitable For Home Use
  • Dimensions: 135cm (L) x 118cm (W) x 210cm (H)
  • Product Weight: 49.2kg
  • Colour: Black
  • 1 Year Home Warranty

Fitness Tip:

  • The HIT Fitness F100 Power Rack can be used to perform a variety of isolation (single joint) and compound (multi joint) exercise movements. 
  • Power racks are primarily used to perform the classic weightlifting movements such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and bench presses.
  • Additionally, a large variety of  basic movements can be performed using this power rack, for example bicep curls, pull ups, romanian deadlifts, lunges, rack pulls, floor presses, muscle ups, and barbell rows.