• Hit Fitness Prowler Sled With Harness
  • Hit Fitness Prowler Sled With Harness
  • Hit Fitness Prowler Sled With Harness
  • Hit Fitness Sled Dimensions

Hit Fitness Prowler Sled With Harness

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  • €329.95

The Hit Fitness Prowler Sled With Harness is a versatile and powerful training tool designed to enhance explosive strength, power, and muscular endurance. This weighted sled is commonly utilized on astroturf or grass surfaces for high-intensity pushing or pulling exercises.

By incorporating the Prowler Sled into your training routine, you can activate and strengthen both the anterior and posterior chain of your body, optimizing your performance. This comprehensive activation of muscle groups contributes to improved power output and overall athletic performance.

Built with durability in mind, this sled is designed to withstand intense training sessions. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and reliability, allowing you to focus on your workout.


  • The plate-loaded system ensures that plates can be loaded on and off of the prowler with ease.
  • The prowler can be pushed from both ends.
  • Dual handle options for higher or lower levels of resistance.
  • Ideal for any fitness level.
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including grass and artificial turf.
  • Easily storable
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Takes up very little gym floor space
  • High quality construction
  • Extremely durable
  • Contoured feet


  • HIT Fitness Prowler 
  • Includes Harness
  • Max Weight Capacity: 100kg
  • Height 85cm, Width 82cm

Fitness Tip:

  • The HIT Fitness prowler is ideal for performing dragging, pulling and pushing exercises with the intention of building explosive power and strength. Prowler workouts can also improve muscular endurance and increase hypertrophy of the musculature of the upper and lower body by providing a unique stimulus to the muscle that is not experienced through normal resistance training exercises.
  • The HIT Fitness prowler is most commonly used for performing weighted sled drills, as well as weighted pushing and pulling movements.

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