• Hit Fitness Red Foam Roller
  • Hit Fitness Red Foam Roller
  • Hit Fitness Red Foam Roller
  • Hit Fitness Red Foam Roller

Hit Fitness Red Foam Roller

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The HIT Fitness Foam Roller is a highly effective tool for enhancing flexibility and promoting muscle recovery. Whether utilized before or after a workout, this versatile accessory aids in the restoration of muscles and the improvement of overall flexibility.

Rolling exercises, including the use of the Foam Roller, have become part of top athletes' training programmes to reduce recovery time, minimise the risk of injury and optimise performance levels.

By employing the HIT Fitness Foam Roller, you can target specific muscle groups and alleviate tension through the textured surface, which delves deep into muscle tissue, releasing knots and promoting relaxation.


  • Grid Foam Roller
  • 45cm x 14cm
  • Deep ridges to penetrate deep into muscle tissue
  • Dense and long lasting
  • Useful flexibility and stretching tool
  • Easily transportable
  • Strong PVC centre, supports up to 320lbs


The HIT FITNESS Foam Roller range can be used both before and after bouts of strenuous exercise to release tight muscles, improve mobility, and improve overall range of motion of specific body parts.

Ideal to be used to target calves, hamstrings, quads, ITB & TFL, glutes, abductors and back. The ridged surface targets deep in the muscle tissue to relieve tension and knots. They are denser than many traditional rollers meaning they are durable and longer lasting. Light and compact, they are easily transportable meaning they can be used in the gym or at home.

A common question users have before their first use, is will using a foam roller is going to be painful. Much like a deep tissue massage, it can be quite uncomfortable. Your muscles and fascia may be in bad condition, and using a foam roller, especially in the beginning can make you aware of this. Remember it is a therapeutic device, and the benefits will increase over time, as the negative side effects diminish.