• Hit Fitness Swiss Ball | 65cm
  • Hit Fitness Swiss Ball | 65cm
  • Hit Fitness Swiss Ball | 65cm
  • Hit Fitness Swiss Ball | 65cm
  • Hit Fitness Swiss Ball | 65cm

Hit Fitness Swiss Ball | 65cm

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  • €15.20

The Hit Fitness Swiss Ball is designed to be a chaotic, unstable surface, so you train the primary muscle groups in coordination with the smaller, stabilizing muscles, strengthening your full body in unison. Because the swiss ball can offer a total body workout, results are usually achieved in a shorter period of time, when in coordination with a suitable nutrition routine and exercise plan. Your Swiss Ball is a fun, yet challenging way to stretch, tone your muscles, and tighten your body, while still training your stability. The inflatable exercise ball can hold weights up to 1000lbs. This Swiss Ball package also comes with a specialized exercise guide, an air pump, ball plugs, and a ball plug remover, and measuring tape.


  • Multi-purpose stability workouts
  • Quickens results
  • Tighten your body
  • Heavy-duty and firm
  • Full training and information set

What size should I get?

  • As a general rule, your exercise ball should be large enough when you sit on it, your knees bend at a 90-degree angle.
  • if you are between 5’-5’5”, go with a 55 cm ball.
  • If you are between 5’6”-5’10”, choose the 65cm ball
  • If you are tall than 5’10”, the 75cm ball is probably the best fit for you


  • Includes 65cm inflatable swiss ball, Air pump, Printed exercise guide, Ball plugs, ball plug remover, Measuring tape.
  • The 55cm (blue) Professional Grade Swiss Ball is recommended for persons 5’ to 5’5”, the 65cm (red) ball for persons 5’5” to 6’, and the 75cm (silver) ball for persons 6’ and over.
  • Can hold weights of up to 1000lbs.