• Hit Fitness Tyr Multi Gym
  • Hit Fitness Tyr Multi Gym

Hit Fitness Tyr Multi Gym

Known as one of the bravest in Norse Mythology and is known as the deity of war and heroic glory. Despite his connection to war, he was known for his courage and bravery. These are two characteristics that you will need when using this multi-gym as it will take courage and to try some of the exercises such as hanging leg raises.

The Tyr multi-gym is perfect for beginners, college students, or teenagers as it only weighs 31kg. It also has a small imprint of 200cm in height, 105 cm in depth, and 227 cm in width, which can comfortably fit into a bedroom.

What makes the Tyr multi-gym different from others? That’s easy. Everything on this multi-gym comes set on it, so it is incredibly sturdy. It can also take up to 230kg loaded weight. Using the Tyr multi-gym may test your courage and bravery, but by the time you are moving on to a commercial-grade multi-gym, you will be able to say that you are on par with the deity of war and glory.


Entry-level: This is a great multi-gym for anyone that is starting out

Small footprint: Small footprint but big impact. The Tyr multi-gym will put you through your paces

250kg load weight: You wouldn’t expect any less from the Tyr multi-gym. The max load weight truly is impressive


  • Product size: 200 x 105 x 227 cm
  • Carton size: 149 x 70 x 14.5 cm
  • Max Load weight: 250kg