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  • Hit Fitness U Handle | Cable Attachment

Hit Fitness U Handle | Cable Attachment

  • €19.95
  • €24.95

Enhance your cable machine workouts with the Hit Fitness U Handle Cable Attachment.

The cable machine attachment we offer is specifically designed for use with cable machines featuring a weights stack. This versatile attachment allows users to easily connect a wide range of handles, enabling targeted muscle engagement and diverse exercise options.

With its 360-degree rotating connection point, this attachment provides a seamless workout experience, allowing for fluid movements and optimal muscle activation. It is particularly effective for exercises like close grip seated rows and close grip lat pull downs, which focus on strengthening the back muscles.

To ensure a secure and comfortable grip, the attachment features black rubber textured handles that maximize grip strength and minimize slippage.


  • Cable Handle
  • Ergonomic design with 360 degree rotating connection point.
  • Designed to fit cable machines
  • Chrome plated solid steel
  • Rubber grip handles
  • Suitable for close grip seated rows or close grip lat pull downs