• Hit Fitness V Bar | Cable Attachment
  • Hit Fitness V Bar | Cable Attachment

Hit Fitness V Bar | Cable Attachment

  • €19.95
  • €24.95

Introducing the HIT Fitness V Bar Cable Machine Attachment, a versatile tool designed to target and strengthen both the biceps and triceps muscles. This attachment allows for a wide range of exercises, including curls, press downs, rows, and more, providing a comprehensive upper body workout.

The rotating swivel center of the attachment ensures smooth and uninterrupted motion throughout your exercises. This feature promotes proper form and reduces strain on the joints, allowing you to perform movements with precision and control.

Crafted with a sleek chrome finish and featuring smooth welds, this cable machine attachment not only delivers excellent performance but also exhibits durability and longevity. The high-quality construction guarantees its ability to withstand regular use and maintain optimal functionality over time.


  • V Bar Attachment
  • Rotating swivel centre to ensure fluid motion
  • Suitable for use with most cable machines
  • Chrome finished steel bar with rounded black stoppers