• Hit Yoga Pilates Ball (7'' | 18cm)
  • Hit Yoga Pilates Ball (7'' | 18cm)
  • Hit Yoga Pilates Ball (7'' | 18cm)

Hit Yoga Pilates Ball (7'' | 18cm)

Elevate your Pilates and yoga workouts with the Hit Yoga 7" Pilates Ball. Designed to enhance your exercise routine, this high-quality Pilates Ball offers exceptional functionality and performance.

Crafted with unique anti-slip technology, the HIT Fitness Pilates Ball ensures a secure grip, allowing you to maintain control and stability throughout your movements. This feature is especially beneficial for users seeking optimal balance and precision in their workouts. Physiotherapists also utilize Pilates Balls to assist their clients in the recovery process, making it a versatile tool for rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

Incorporating a Pilates Ball into your routine can yield additional benefits such as improved posture and alleviation of lower back pain when used as a supportive seat cushion.


  • Versatile piece of equipment
  • Can be used by novice and advanced athletes
  • Very portable making it easy to use at home or to bring to a gym
  • Requires very little storage space
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Quick cleaning process
  • Perfect for home, commercial, and studio gym use
  • Feature an anti-slip surface for excellent grip during use. 


  • Pilates Ball / Swiss ball/ Exer-Soft Ball
  • 7" Diameter (18cm)
  • Colour: Blue

Fitness Tip

  • Use HIT Fitness pilates ball to strengthen the abdominal muscles whilst developing stability, strength, and coordination in all areas of the body using exercises such as pelvic floors, bridging, assisted push ups, leg raises, and single leg hamstring curls.
  • Pilates balls are also used for rehabilitation purposes for improving overall balance and coordination.