• Hit Fitness Interlocking Mat 4 Piece | 62 x 62 x 1 cm

Hit Fitness Interlocking Mat 4 Piece | 62 x 62 x 1 cm

The latest HIT Fitness interlocking matting is manufactured with extremely durable, heavy-duty materials that are commonly used elite performance centres.


  • Very dense, resilient, and damage resistant.
  • Fits seamlessly into a gym
  • Premium materials used
  • Unique interlocking pattern
  • Protects flooring, equipment, and users.
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Reduces injury by preventing slipping and falling

Each mat is very thick and durable in order to absorb constant impact and reduce damage incurred by equipment and equipment storage facilities. The strength of the material used protects gym flooring, equipment, and the users, in addition to reducing the amount of noise created whilst multiple people are training in the gym at once. This HIT Fitness matting comes with an interlocking pattern that makes assembling and aligning the flooring much quicker and easier. Our unique flooring design also has a surface that has been designed specifically to provide a stable, secure, and grippy base for athletes, making them a perfect addition to any gym.

  • Dimensions:  62 x 62 x 1cm

  • PE Material

  • Black & Grey colour combination