• Hit Fitness Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment | Narrow Neutral Grip

Hit Fitness Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment | Narrow Neutral Grip

  • €40.00

Introducing the HIT Fitness Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment: Optimal Grip and Targeted Muscle Activation

Featuring neutrally angled, textured grips at each end, this attachment encourages users to focus solely on engaging the targeted muscle groups during lateral pulldown exercises. By eliminating the need to constantly adjust and maintain grip, you can maximize your efforts and concentrate on proper form and muscle activation.

Crafted with commercial-grade iron steel, this Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment offers durability and longevity.

The textured grip areas provide enhanced traction, allowing for a confident and secure grip. This feature not only increases user comfort but also helps to prevent slippage during intense workouts, promoting optimal performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

With a weight of 2.5kg, this attachment strikes the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use. Its lightweight design allows for effortless attachment and removal, while still providing the necessary stability for effective workouts.


  • Neutral grip to allow sole focus on muscle groups
  • Full textured bar
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Suitable for use with most carabiners