• Hit Fitness Open Trap Bar
  • Hit Fitness Open Trap Bar
  • Hit Fitness Open Trap Bar
  • Hit Fitness Open Trap Bar
  • Hit Fitness Open Trap Bar
  • Hit Fitness Open Trap Bar

Hit Fitness Open Hex Bar

  • €269.00
  • €375.00

The HIT Fitness Open Hex Bar has been meticulously designed to help athletes learn correct deadlift form and trap shrug technique. Its unique hexagonal shape provides a comfortable grip and proper alignment, reducing strain and injury risk. 


  • Unique HIT Fitness design
  • Knurled neutral grip handles
  • Barbell load is distributed more evenly across the body and less load is placed on the lower lumbar spine
  • Long weight plate sleeve which allows athletes to increase the load of the barbell significantly
  • Can be gripped with either high or low grip position
  • Can be used for deadlifts, shrugs, and neutral grip bench press movements

The unique shape of the HIT Fitness hex bar can also be used by athletes who suffer from chronic lower back pain when deadlifting with traditional Olympic barbells as hex bars place less of the barbell load on the lower back in comparison to regular barbells. Additionally, hex bars are noted as being more comfortable to deadlift with as users can grip the barbell laterally with a neutral grip. HIT Fitness hex bars also have multiple gripping options as they can be gripped from either a high or low position depending on what side the hex bar is turned on to.

    • Commercial Grade

    • Dimensions:  216 x 77.4 x 20 cm

    • Inside area measurements:  77 x 75 cm

    • Max weight capacity:  200kg

    • Weight of bar:  18.5kg

    • Handle Diameter:  30 mm

    • Steel material

    • Matte black finish

    • Knurling along grip areas