• Hit Fitness Premium Core Sliders

Hit Fitness Premium Core Sliders

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  • €12.95

Take your abdominal training to the next level with HIT Fitness premium core sliders. HIT Fitness core sliders are low-friction discs that have been designed specifically to slide easily on almost any surface whilst keeping either your hands or feet firmly in place.


  • Manufactured with low friction materials which allow athletes to slide on almost any surface
  • Can be used to strengthen core muscles, improve flexibility, and increase ranges of motion
  • The athlete contact surface is extremely grippy which keeps hands and feet secure during exercises
  • Unique HIT Fitness design and shape

HIT Fitness core sliders can engage your abs through a variety of exercises by allowing either your upper or lower body to move in almost any direction and through any range of motion required to feel a strong contraction in your abs. Additionally, these core sliders can be used in conjunction with rehabilitation exercises to improve flexibility, mobility, and re-establish a long range of motion in many muscle groups.

  • Material:  ABS & Foam

  • Weights:  200g

  • Dimensions:  18.5 x 18.5 x 1 cm

  • Colours:  Red & Black