• Hit Fitness Rubber Studio Dumbbell | 5kg

Hit Fitness Rubber Studio Dumbbell | 5kg

  • €36.95
  • €67.50

Introducing the HIT Fitness Rubber Studio Dumbbells.

These studio dumbbells were created by HIT Fitness to improve functionality in exercise classes. HIT Fitness Studio Dumbbells have been engineered and designed with studio classes and high-intensity interval training workouts in mind.


  • Easy to clean
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Perfect for high-intensity interval training and circuit training routines
  • Anti-role design
  • Improved gripping mechanism
  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Protective rubber coating which will not mark flooring
  • Grip area thickens as sizes increase, as industry standard

These studio dumbbells are perfect for performing high repetitions and fast-paced resistance training or circuit training classes. Using dumbbells for these purposes has the added benefit of being easier on the joints as they can be moved in the individual athlete's preferred range of motion and dumbbell path. As these dumbbells will be repetitively used during high-intensity exercise classes, they are coated in durable, heavy-duty rubber. This protects the dumbbells themselves as well as the flooring, surrounding equipment and the individual who is using the dumbbells. These HIT Fitness studio dumbbells are built with highly durable materials which are encased with rubber which drastically improves the grip of the dumbbell’s ergonomic handle structure as well. Studio dumbbells are also a brilliant addition to any studio exercise class because of their unique shape. This shape has been incorporated into these dumbbells so that users can use the dumbbells for support when performing exercises and it ensures that the dumbbells do not roll around the gym floor in between exercises and create a hazard.

  • Ridged grip area

  • Easily clean

  • Ergonomically shaped

  • Matte black in colour with white details       

  • Sold in pairs