• Hit Fitness Wrist Wrap

Hit Fitness Wrist Wrap

  • €7.10

The HIT Fitness Wrist Wraps give users’ wrists extra comfort & protection by easing tension on the joints, allowing them to train with challenging weights.  These wraps can be used & will be effective for the majority of upper body exercises.


  • High quality Cotton – Poly blend
  • Strong Velcro strapping
  • Machine washable
  • Thick strapping

The blend of cotton & polyester gives good support and flexibility and the strong Velcro strapping allows for easy adjustment. 

  • Strap: Polyester / Elastic blend
  • Strong, thick velcro support
  • Elastic thumb support
  • Strap width: 3”
  • HIT Fitness branded
  • Black colour
  • Sizes available: 18inch
  • Sold in pairs