• Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat
  • Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat
  • Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat

Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat

Experience the support and comfort of the HIT Fitness Yoga Bolster. Meticulously crafted with an ergonomic design, this bolster is filled with premium buckwheat that naturally conforms to your body's shape, enhancing your yoga practice with unparalleled comfort.

Designed to provide optimal support during various poses and stretches, the HIT Fitness Yoga Bolster is an essential prop for yogis of all levels. It helps users maintain proper alignment, deepen stretches, and find greater stability, allowing for a more fulfilling and rewarding yoga experience.

This bolster is also perfect for traveling as it is lightweight and easily transportable. Thus, it is a perfect prop to take with you regardless of where you decide to practice yoga.


  • Buckwheat filling which molds to your body
  • Easy to clean
  • Buckwheat hulls will not break down over time and they will help the bolster to withstand much more pressure during a yoga class
  • Can be used as a supportive seat whilst meditating
  • Comfortable soft cover
  • Requires very little storage space
  • Product Materials:  Cotton & Buckwheat
  • Dimensions:  23 x 61 cm
  • Product Weight:  3kg
  • Removable cover