• Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat
  • Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat
  • Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat

Hit Yoga Bolster Buckwheat

  • €44.95
  • €49.95

The HIT Fitness yoga bolster is an ergonomically designed bolster which is filled with premium buckwheat that molds to the shape of your body during use for added comfort.


  • Buckwheat filling which molds to your body
  • Easy to clean
  • Buckwheat hulls will not break down over time and they will help the bolster to withstand much more pressure during a yoga class
  • Can be used as a supportive seat whilst meditating
  • Comfortable soft cover
  • Requires very little storage space

HIT Fitness yoga bolsters provide support and help users stretch in a variety of poses. This bolster is also perfect for traveling as it is lightweight and easily transportable. Thus, it is a perfect prop to take with you regardless of where you decide to practice yoga.

  • Product Materials:  Cotton & Buckwheat
  • Dimensions:  23 x 61 cm
  • Product Weight:  3kg
  • Removable cover