Weight training is a form of physical exercise training which works by using resistance equipment, such as barbells and weight plates, to cause muscles to contract and lengthen under load which increases the individuals overall strength, anaerobic muscular endurance, and muscular hypertrophy.

When muscles are given an appropriate resistance stimulus, they are forced to grow and adapt to that stimulus. In turn, the muscles get bigger, stronger, and faster at contracting and lengthening. The health and overall quality of life benefits associated with consistent weight training include improved bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength and density, increased joint mobility, improved joint ranges of motion, reduced injury risk, and improved cardiovascular health. In order to perform an optimal weight training program, athletes must have access to a variety of resistance training equipment such as power racks, benches, dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. Weight training primarily uses the anaerobic energy pathways.

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